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Hello and welcome to Jessie Lynne’s Fine Art!  I appreciate you stopping by and browsing around!  I hope you are enjoying the site and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!  If anybody has received a piece of art from me, feel free to leave a comment under Testimonials. Thank you!  Now a little about myself, my name is Jessica Murphy “aka” Jessie Lynne.  I have been into art all my life and started drawing when I could hold a pencil.  I have been painting with acrylics since I was eleven years old, mostly self-taught with a few art lessons.  No, I have never used oils yet, and haven’t really thought about it.  Now, I am no Bob Ross, but I enjoy what I do and test my ability every day!  Painting and creating makes me happy!  I would like to make you happy as well and that is why I try my best with every little detail.  My go to is landscapes and animals, but I can paint anything (still practicing on the human form and figures).  I also love changing up my medium sometimes to take a break from the old canvas, painting on wood and glass, or any other treasures I may find.  Take a look! 🙂  When I am not in art mode, I am a mother of three children and two step children, who are all amazing and have their own unique personalities!  They also test their art abilities all the time and I love it!  I have a loving supportive fiance, who has helped me a lot, and this site or my time to create art would not be possible if it weren’t for him.  He is an artist as well and has a great talent and an eye for detail.  He does not have the time like I do, but it is nice when we can paint together!  He has a love for the dark side when it comes to art and he is very creative.  Don’t leave the site without taking a look at his work under Donnie’s Fine Art!  Oh and of course I am an animal lover at heart, raising two Siberian Huskies, Bella and Luna, and three cats, Mittens, Snickers, and Binx (from Zachary Binx, Hocus Pocus).  Anyways, enough about me, I will let you get to what you came here to do!  Have a great day and stay creative!

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life.” ~Picasso